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Kimyon Burger Franchise Concept Design

In 2020, we made a concept project study for businesses that will give franchises on behalf of Kimyon Burger and created a design.

Project Informatıon

We would not be wrong if we say that the food industry has started to have the largest share of space where people can socialize. In this context, we took the customer demands into consideration and went to the way of constructing a holistic design. During the concept design phase, we tried to capture a warm atmosphere in the textures and colors we use in the space. We have balanced the dynamic structure of the red color with the nobility of the black color and the serenity of the wood texture.

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Desıgnıng Phase

In this concept study we prepared for Kimyon Burger in 2020, we aimed to design a holistic place for franchisees that will receive franchises upon customer demand. We have created a concept in a 250 m2 space, as deemed appropriate for the chain fastfood brand. Our realistic visualizations, on the other hand, strengthened the subject of Kimyon Burger, creating a place you would never want to leave.


    Kimyon Burger

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