Archıtectural & Interıor Desıgn

Salkım Residence Project

In addition to the architectural visualization project for the Salkım Residence in Manisa – Turgutlu, we also provided services such as logo and catalog design.

Project Informatıon

Salkım Residence, which has a total area of 2.250 m2; has a 130 m2 basketball field with 40 m2 playground for children. Also organization of social recreation areas with hiking trails; allows you to spend a pleasant time with your friends and family. The site consists of 3 blocks that include 6 floors + parking lot. Each floor arranged to have 2 apartments in 290 m2 A/B Block and 300 m2 C Block. So, in total, we have 36 apartment volume.

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Desıgnıng Phase

The Salkım Residence in Manisa-Turgutlu were designed according to the possible needs of the site owners. In the context of being inland with the nature, in environmental design; social areas are designed to offer a pleasant time. The materials that are used in the interior combined with the soft tones to create a comfortable atmosphere. These neutral tones with peaceful blue tones and contrasting tile tone; underlined the modern life’s aspects.

We not only design the architectural visualization of the project but also create a logo and catalog to facilitate their promotion and attract the possible buyers.


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