Interior Design

Vestel Customer Services

’We have designed the new workspaces for the Business Development Team at Vestel’s Customer Service Unit. When we consider the number of the genders inside these team is a woman, we create a new space organization and add a room for childcare and makeup.

Project Information

It was necessary to create an innovative design for the creative business development team of Vestel Customer Services. We envision that if the team have a constantly changing / evolving working environment; the sense of routine will decrease while the motivation and the communication between the team will increase. A creative team needs a creative environment!

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Designing Phase

There was a unit which is not very useful in terms of functionality. We organize this space and evaluate as an open, presentation and meeting space. And we decide that because of its volume and function; this space needs to be differentiated from others. As a result, we aim for a rustic atmosphere and use functional and modern furnishings and materials that contain the details from the past. Also, we use a platform to define the boundaries of the space without using walls. In addition, we create private meeting rooms for 3-4 people inside this area.



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